Online Therapy

Online Counselling Therapy

What is Online Counselling?

Online counselling offers a chance to engage with therapists, counsellors, or analysts via the internet, eliminating the need for in-person meetings. Also referred to as internet counselling, e-counselling, web therapy, or remote therapy, this approach is especially beneficial for individuals unable to reach a therapist’s office or those who prefer remote communication from any location.

If you’ve hesitated seeking therapy due to emotional or logistical reasons, online counselling presents a valuable option for accessing therapeutic support.

How Online Counselling Works

Nowadays it is very simple to communicate online with your therapist. You can use a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone wherever you are and your counsellor will speak to you via an easy-to-use, secure service, like Skype.

Your session will still be arranged in advance at a time to suit you and you can decide whether you’d like your therapist to see you via a video call or just talk instead.

Experience Counselling from the Comfort of your Home

There are all kinds of reasons why people choose online counselling, but many find the experience is more discreet and confidential. 

They feel that being able to experience counselling from the comfort of their own home or office is less embarrassing and allows them to discuss personal issues more openly without feelings of guilt or shame. 

Instead, they can use a mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer and talk in a room where they know they will not be overheard.

Online Counselling and Remote Therapy is just as effective

Numerous studies and NHS research has found online counselling and remote therapy to be just as effective as visiting a counsellor or therapist face to face. 

Some clients who have the time for face to face therapy even prefer online counselling because they find it gives them more flexibility and comfort.