Individual Therapy

Individual Counselling Therapy

All therapy sessions are individual unless otherwise mentioned. That means that there are only two people in the room – you and your psychotherapist. This is the most common approach to therapy, and it can help you on a wide range of concerns, including, but not limited to, anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, and low self-esteem.

How do individual therapy sessions work? 

Scheduling an appointment for individual therapy is easy. If you need someone to talk to, or you have a specific mental health concern in mind, all you need to do is reach out to us and we will find you a right choice. If you ever feel that a therapist is not working out for you then you can change anytime during your counselling journey.

What to expect from the sessions? 

The general scope of individual therapy sessions is to discuss your problems, emotions, and concerns in a safe, private environment. Going to therapy might not necessarily make your life easier or get rid of challenges – however, it can equip you with the tools you need to face these challenges in a healthy way, avoid negative thoughts, and achieve emotional wellbeing. 

In most cases, individual therapy revolves around talking. Your therapist will ask a series of questions to explore the areas of your life that affect you in a negative way. This can include past experiences, fears, conflicts, strengths and weaknesses, as well as destructive behavioural patterns. The exact approach followed by the therapist will vary, depending on your unique needs. Sometimes, the therapist can also do small exercises to further explore your subconscious and facilitate healing.